How to Choose a Roofing Company

As a Raleigh area homeowner, having your roof replaced is one of the most important and most expensive home improvement projects you’ll encounter. Your roof is the first line of defense for your home against the elements, so it’s essential to hire a trusted, reputable roofing company. As you may know from experience, a quick search online can be quite overwhelming. It is key to look for a few important criteria when it’s time to choose a qualified roofing company.

At Triangle’s Trusted Roofing, we specialize in residential roofing. Roofing is all that we do. We pride ourselves on quality and we provide top notch service. Whether you need a roof repair or a full roof replacement, we are happy to answer your questions about the process, the materials we use, and past jobs we’ve completed. From our vast experience of over 20 years in the industry, we want to share some tips to help you choose the ideal roofing company for your next roofing project.

How to Choose a Roofing Company in Raleigh, NC

5 things to consider when choosing a roofing company:

  • Insurance. Your roofing company needs to have workers’ compensation and liability insurance. These coverages will protect you, the homeowner, if an accident happens at your house. For example, if a worker gets injured on the job while on your property, by having valid worker’s compensation coverage, you will not be held responsible for expenses related to the injury. Liability insurance protects you from accidents that may happen while your roof is being worked on. We recommend you ask to see the insurance certificates and possibly even call the insurance company to verify the policies are active and valid.

  • Local. Choose a local company – this means they operate locally and have an established reputation in the community. Many roofing projects come with a workmanship warranty, ranging from 1 year to 10 years or more. This warranty is only as good as the likelihood that the company will still be in your area when you discover a problem and give them a call to assess the issue. Also, a roofing company who is local will be familiar with the weather conditions and climate of your specific area. By knowing local environmental factors, the roofer will be able to provide the best solution for your roofing needs.

  • Communication. Make sure your calls, texts and emails are being returned and that documentation is provided as promised. If the company can’t follow through on their communication, they may not be able to follow through on the agreed upon scope of work. Communication is key.

  • Price. Price is certainly important, but it shouldn’t be the single deciding factor. Cheap bids can drive down the market. And any roofing company with overhead and proper insurance has to price to cover these necessary costs. Be wary of any price that seems too good to be true. Also, be sure to compare quotes to make sure they include/exclude the same items. For example, does each quote include a workmanship guarantee? If not, you may end up paying more in the long run by selecting a lower priced company and then paying to fix mistakes or fix the same problems multiple times.

  • Details. Before any work begins on your roof, make sure you understand and have the details of the job in writing. Double check dates, payment terms, and complete scope of work. If the roofing company isn’t able or willing to put these details in writing, this should be cause for concern.

Triangle’s Trusted Roofing in Raleigh is available to repair or replace your roof – we specialize in residential roofing. When you hire us, you’ll know exactly how much your roofing project is going to cost and the exact scope of work. We don’t sacrifice quality, we will give you a beautiful, well-built roof to safeguard your home. All this with an industry-leading Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. For a free roof replacement quote, contact us TODAY!

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